Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday, folks. Time to share and share alike. Tell us a little about yourself and we promise to do the same.

Two words, my friends: cabin fever!

Alex and Ella have been off from school for six days; we’re starting to drive each other crazy! It’s probably a good thing that we’re all getting back to our routines today. Not much to do outside when there’s 30 inches of snow and ice on the ground from the last three winter storms. But, some notable things have happened during the past week:

  1. My son lost his second tooth
  2. We, as a family, discovered our love of Monopoly Jr.
  3. My daughter is a gamer—we discovered her competitive nature
  4. I have brought order to the chaos of my linen closet
  5. You can never schedule enough play dates
  6. Even with a week off, the house will never be clean

Again, a quiet week. Despite spending so much time together, we’ve had a lot of low-key fun.


I supposed there are always other options and opportunities in life. But the kids come first. Seems selfish to think otherwise. It’s not easy raising a family as a single parent, but I take great pride in knowing I am the last person they see at night and the first person every morning. Me. It's a privilege I don't take for granted.


True dat!


I’ve sent out submissions to four publications this month, and written a poem a week. Working on poem #3 but I haven’t found a rhythm to my writing. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been doing any free writes. I’ve got to find 10 minutes in my day for journal writing. Easy enough, right?


In truth, I like the months January and February, as we're all recovering from the excesses of the holidays. Everyone is in “pull-back” mode. This is typically when I spend a lot of time figuring out how to live a simpler life.

The thing I keep coming back to? Everything is connected. Exercise is the one thing keeping me on track mentally and physically. Keeps my creative juices flowing and helps to relieve stress during the winter months. It gives me the motivation to eat well, get organized, write consistently, find patience, and seek balance.

The trick is maintaining the momentum the rest of the year.


Anonymous said…
you're an inspiration! here are my confessions!
Kim Nelson said…
I confess that I'm procrastinating the promo work for my chapbook because it's a lot more fun to write new poems and paint new pictures.
Carol said…
So comforting to hear that no one's house is clean--even with a week off!!! I think that makes it even more impossible.
And Kudos to you for playing patience for that game is very very thin....
Anonymous said…
True dat.

I confessed!

Jill said…
you have always been an inspiration! now, as i become a single mom, too, you are giving me strength!
January said…
Sorry, Jill. Feel free to send me an e-mail at You can do this.
January said…
Pho--will check your confessions later today. Hope you are well.

Carol, cleaning is an ongoing process in my house. Fortunately, the kids are getting better at it. Ugh. Still, there are so many other things I'd rather do.

Kim, I'm a big fan of procrastination. I'm better at prioritizing when I have less time. :)

And Carolee, you continue to inspire and amaze me.

Thanks for confessing, everyone!

Maxine said…
Glad I discovered your blog today. I think I'll join in the confessions next week!

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