Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday 2011! Thanks for stopping by. I know the year is just getting started but it’s time to fess up. We promise to do the same.

Coming off of a great end of year, I’m feeling extremely optimistic about the future. Had a chance over the weekend to see friends and talk through some of my resolutions. Seems we’re all in the same boat—more balance, time, money, joy, fitness, etc. It all boils down to being happier.


My house needs a makeover, so I’m going to do one do-it-yourself project a month. My house looks about the same as it did when we first moved in. It’s time for a change. Change is good.


I received my first royalty check from the sales of Underlife. Trust me, the amount of money I earned is not very much. In fact, I’ve squirreled it away for AWP travel next month. But the amount is not the point.

This is money I earned from my book. My book—this artistic pursuit supported by readers. That’s amazing. For me, it’s equivalent to the first dollar an entrepreneur earns from his fledgling business venture. Or the first paycheck earned from the first “real job.” I feel incredibly proud and lucky to be an author.


Wrote a new poem last night. It sucks but I’m bringing it to my writers’ workshop. Feels good to write but after not writing for a month, I feel rusty. Still, I've been away from that poetic space much too long.


My last poetry to-do list for 2010 is now my 2011 list, more or less:

1. Write one poem
2. Revise poems written at December poetry workshop
3. Get organized/clean desk
4. Send out eight submissions
5. Line up articles for AWP blog


RobynBradley said…
Congrats on making money on your artistic pursuit! Brava (and well deserved).

On the home improvement front, are you familiar with Young House Love? It's the most awesomest DIY blog:
Collin Kelley said…
Royalty checks - big or small - are a wonderful thing. :)
Jessie Carty said…
I haven't made much off of my poetry endeavors either but it is so much fun to see your name on a check in regards to something you've created. That's awesome!

And I love the idea of doing one project a month. I do that with house cleaning projects. Speaking of which, that dishwasher is looking pretty grungy...

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