Snow Day!

View from my front door (hastily taken with my iPhone).

Yikes! Twelve inches and counting. That's on top of the 12 inches still of the ground from the last two storms. OK winter--we're all set.

This is a definite pj day ... well, until I have to crank up the snow blower. We may have nachos for breakfast. Yep, it's that kind of day.


Anonymous said…
i just put a coat on over my PJs when i went out to shovel.

and of COURSE someone saw me. oh, well! i've never been famous for glamour!
mareymercy said…
Great picture! No snow here, but man, it is sure colder than usual. We maybe get one or two nights that dip down into freezing, but it's like that all week right now!
Collin Kelley said…
The snow is beautiful. It was beautiful in Atlanta, too, until the ice storm that followed. Blech. lol
Maureen said…
We had our six feet (I'm in Arlington, Va.) last year. I'm so glad it's mostly bypassing us. We did get a couple of inches yesterday, accompanied by ferocious winds.

Do stay warm and cozy.
January said…
Maureen, I spoke with my parents in Virginia and I was shocked the mid-Atlantic was mostly spared.
January said…
Collin, the snow is beautiful ... until you have to shovel it. Right, Carolee?

Twitches--stay warm!

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