AWP Blog: Six Questions with Amy King

Online or in person, I don't know anyone busier than Amy King. See what she'll be up to at this year's AWP.

A big, heartfelt thanks to the participants of my series of mini-interviews for the AWP's Conference blog. (My interview with Honorée Fanonne Jeffers has been postponed. But she is too fierce not to speak with, so I'll catch up with her after the conference.)

If these interviews do not get you revved up for AWP, just a few days away, I don't know what will. Here's the full list of victims ... eh ... interviewees! (*smile*)

Tara Betts
Oliver de la Paz
Amanda Johnston
Amy King
Dan Nester

Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Rich Villar

Do me a favor: spread the word about these fabulous poets and writers. Bring some attention to their on- and off-site events. Share the poetry love at AWP!


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