Next Stop on the Improbable Places Poetry Tour

Thursday, February 10
7 p.m.
The Salem Laundry Co.
304 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA

What's this tour all about? Well, it's Montserrat College of Art's way of bringing together student writers, local poets, area businesses, and enthusiastic listeners to celebrate the power of poetry and community. Each month a new venue and theme will be selected. This month's venue is a Laundromat!

Did you say Laundromat? That’s right, folks. Bring your whites and your quarters!
This month we are looking for poems about articles of clothing, the act of coming clean, the rituals of fluff and fold, or poems set in laundromats. This is the venue for airing dirty laundry.

Hey, I've got a poem that belongs in a Laundromat? Can I read it? We are accepting submissions via email at and in the Writing Center, located on the 2nd floor of Montserrat’s library. The deadline is Monday, January 31st. We'd love to read your work!

I don't have a poem about laundry. Can I still attend the event? Absolutely! Come and listen and cheer on the readers. Bring a load of towels or delicates. Most importantly, come check out what the writers of your community are up to!

Wait! I've still got questions! Just talk to Colleen Michaels, Montserrat's Writing Center Director. She's at or 978-921-4242,ext. 1254.


Want to read some of Colleen's poetry? Check out her guest blog post for The Mom Egg:

"The Rules Regarding Glitter"

Woo hoo!


Maureen said…
I love that the venue is a laudromat. Have fun!
mareymercy said…
That's a great idea! You know another venue that needs poetry desperately? An auto repair garage. In fact, I often think if I could combine an auto body shop with a nail salon, I'd make millions. But poetry is even better.

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