Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Time to share and share alike. C’mon, fess up! Tell us what’s going on with you and we promise to do the same.

Here are Alex and Ella at their lemonade stand hanging out with some friends. (Thanks for the pic, Suzie.)

The garage sale took a lot out of me. I underestimated how much energy it takes to do this and my body is letting me know it. Ugh. Still, there was no better sight Monday morning than having the Vietnam Veterans of America come and take everything away. I’m happy our stuff will go to families in need.


To quote the Rolling Stones, "What a drag it is getting old."

I’m working on a new poem, which I think I’ll post on Wednesday. I miss posting drafts on the blog but I’m just not writing as much as I’d like. Also, I want to get a few pieces into publications that do not accept previous published work.

I hate being beholden to publishers who pay almost nothing for the “privilege” of getting published. It sucks. Don’t get me started …


I’m now on Google+, still learning the ins and outs. I mean, I need another social network like I need a hole in the head. But I’m curious so I’ll give it a whirl. Facebook and Twitter are so embedded in the culture now it’s hard to see how Google+ will compete. Companies, employers, and even nonprofits have finally figured out how to effectively use this technology thanks, in large part, to the ”like” button.

In order for Google+ to catch on, it has to satisfy some societal need that the others platforms can’t address—but what is that need? In other words, why should I use Google+ when Facebook and Twitter serve my needs just fine? A culture shift has to happen. It would take a lot for me to close out my Facebook account with 1,000+ friends, most of whom I don’t know but appreciate anyway, and migrate them onto Google+.

Anyhoo, if you’re on Google +, come find me and we’ll figure it out together.


twitches said…
Did you read Dave Bonta's post about Google +? He's taken the time to sort out its benefits vs. those of other social networking sites so I don't have to. Good read.
January said…
No, I haven't. Thanks for the link!
odessa said…
yeah, i'm hesitant to try it too. i'm such a creature of habit. :)
dylan said…
To quote the Rolling Stones, "What a drag it is getting old."

Ah, yes, do tell! I think I'm the same age as you are!

(But when you don't look a day over 30, there must be some consolation, no?)

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