Confession Tuesday

This is the vacation edition. Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

We are visiting family in Virginia this week. Lots of kid time and beach time ahead of us; although, last night we were under tornado watch. Scary.

I really love being in Virginia in July. The heat, the humidity, the afternoon thundershowers—this is summer. No matter what, I will be seeking out crab cakes and hush puppies to make my homecoming complete!


At some point, house projects became a priority for me like never before. Outside, I’m creating a patio area. Inside, I’m picking paint colors and looking for new (used) furniture. I’m trying to create an interior space that better reflects who we are as a family. And, I can see these changes happening in other parts of my life, too.

This requires a longer blog post. More to come.


This week’s poetry to-do’s

  • Finish new poem
  • Revise section four of manuscript
  • Send out poems to two publications
  • Find an hour a day to write on vacation


Short but sweet this week. Keep cool, my friends!


dylan said…
A Tuesday confession on Saturday -- permissible?

I went to a cookout near Savin Hill one night this week and ate too many cheeseburgers.

I am now the proud owner of three books by Wendy Cope, right off the boat (or, likelier, plane) from England!

I'm exultantly happy that August is about to begin because it is phonetically and temporally (if not meteorologically) close to autumn, my favorite season!

And with each passing day of each passing year, I begin to see the wisdom of the proverb "put not your faith in princes" ...

A four-paragraph confession: a bit longwinded of me, but still briefer than any confession of sin would be!

Glad you've been enjoying your time in Virginia!

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