Inner Wild Child

If you haven't already, answer Tuesday's poll question. Looks like Facebook is pulling ahead as the most effective method in reaching literary audiences.


Three poetry books recently given to me:

Insides She Swallowed, Sasha Pimentel Chacon
Noose and Hook, Lynn Emanuel
We Used to Be Wives: Divorce Unveiled Through Poetry, edited by Jane Butkin Roth (anthology)

Thanks Jo Jo and Jennifer. Cool.


My friends have encouraged me to tap into my inner wild child by recommending I listen to Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville. (Notice I said inner wild child, not "bitch." Some words are just not worth reclaiming.)

Anyhoo, how did I miss this album? Maybe I was listening to Alanis Morissette or Hole at the time. But, as you know, this is a great album. I love how artists tap into that emotional core and turn life into art. Here's hoping I can draw on it throughout my manuscript revision.

Thanks JC and Jo Jo (again) for the suggestion.


I have lots of poetry angels looking out for me.


twitches said…
Exile in Guyville was a great album. I still find it odd how everything she did after that could be so...well, not nearly as good.
Supervillainess said…
I thought whitechocolatespaceegg was pretty great too. Yay to the reclaiming of the inner wild thang!
Ahhh! I had such a crush on Liz Phair! Thanks for the retro.

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