Start Your Engines

When I woke up yesterday morning, I had not envisioned being a part of pit crew. But that's what happened as my department participated in a daylong retreat at F1 Boston. As a teambuilding exercise, we competed against other department members to see who could change the tires, wash windows, gas up, and ready the car for "the big race." It was definitely different (read: that's why I have AAA).

Still, it was a fun day out of the office. Later the team raced go cars. I did not race because I had to beat the traffic on my way home. Ugh.


I'm planning a kidtastic weekend leading into July 4. Will also find time to read and revise over the next few days. Woo hoo! I need this weekend like plasma.


Nikky Finney recommended that I read Claudia Emerson's Late Wife, as a way of seeing how someone else handles the difficult subject matter of divorce. So that is my current read. The structure is completely different from my manuscript, but it's given me a few ideas if and when I reorder the book.


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