Love for Sale

The last few days have been consumed by this garage sale. I have been pulling things out, dusting things off, saying, "What the heck is this?" We've been in the house for eight years and it's just amazing how much stuff we've accumulated. I'm more of a consumer than I thought, yet the evidence is all around me.

This sale I ran with my good friend Heather, with contributions and help from many, many friends and neighbors. If I had to do this with just my kids, it would have never happened. But we did it, sold a lot of junk, and what didn't get sold will be picked up on Monday for donation.

In this picture, you can see the kids' lemonade stand. That may have been the most fun part of the day, watching four kids manage an entrepreneurial venture from start to finish. They made $38--very cool for four hours of work. 

I only scratched the surface on all the junk I could have sold--just didn't have the time to go through every room in the house. But I'm thrilled that the unused wedding gifts; baby strollers; car seats; old clothes, CDs, and books will not be coming back into my house.


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