It's Thursday? Really?

Whenever I feel as if I'm not doing enough with my manuscript revisions, I look at Olie's blog. Then I tell myself to get off my *ss and get to work! Truly inspiring.


Sam Cornish, Boston's first poet laureate, has released his latest poetry collection titled Dead Beats.


Was talking to a friend of mine about Scriptblaster and Bookblaster. These are paid services that will shop your work out to agents and publishers for you. This is not an endorsement, but my friend has had good luck with Scriptblaster. Says it allows him to shift his focus to writing while still having pieces out there "working for him."

Would be nice if there was a cheap and reliable service to help poets with queries. *sigh*


I know, I know--we have to do the legwork ourselves, but sending out submissions is the my least favorite part of the pobiz.


Lastly, I booked an August reading/trip to Block Island! Woo hoo! I think Block Island is a little slice of heaven. Apparently, you do, too. This post gets more hits than any other post on my blog. Bar none.


Current spin: "They try to make me go to rehab, but I say no, no, no!"


Hop to it! Actually, Kimiko Hahn called a whole bunch of us out during the Kundiman retreat by quoting Marie Ponsot, who said "Surely you have ten minutes?"

*gulp* Yes Kimiko.

January said…
You're right. You're right. I know you're right! Thanks for the kick in the pants. :)

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