Playing Hooky

I have the day off from work. (Yippee!) So while the kids are away today, I am catching up on a few things.

I told myself I would not blog until I finished two poems, but I'm well into one of them, my first pantoum. So that's essentially what I'm doing today: writing poems, organizing my second manuscript, doing a little PoBiz, etc.


Yesterday, I attended a planning meeting with the Massachusetts Poetry Festival's organizing committee. While this year's event in October is set, the committee is in the process of securing a location for April 2011.

After sitting in on the meeting, I have a new appreciation for how much work it takes to plan a statewide event like this. The logistics alone are a nightmare. But having attended the first two festivals, the organizers make the readings and sessions look seamless, as if the event has been taking place for years.

I'm looking forward to helping out in any way I can. Details to come.


mareymercy said…
You're doing so much with the poetry community in your area - even through the last few years when I had zero time to write, your blog has kept poetry in the back of my mind, waiting for an opportunity to return.
Both the festival and pantoum sound challenging and fun.
January said…
I think the pantoum was more challenging than the festival. And more fun. The poem was work!
January said…
Cynthia, I hope you are doing well. And I miss you in the blogosphere.

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