Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday before the Massachusetts Poetry Festival! It’s almost here!!

I remember attending the 2009 festival wishing I could be more involved. HA! Note to self: be careful what I wish for.

In a few days, an estimated 2,000 people will descend upon Salem to celebrate the richness and diversity of poetry in Massachusetts. It’s all coming together. Tonight is our last weekly meeting, which has felt at times like a war room. A new problem crops up, and someone chimes in with a solution. A lot of hard work by incredibly passionate people has already made this festival a success. The process has been sometimes stressful but a really terrific experience for me, completely pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Can’t believe after nine months of work, the festival is almost here!


When you see the “look and feel” (logo, signage, posters, programs, etc.)—I had a hand in all of it.


My parents arrived yesterday (read: the cavalry has arrived!). This is my busiest week at work; I just couldn’t take the festival, pressure at work, and taking care of the kids and keep my sanity.


I look forward to writing poems again.


Will keep confessions short, as I will be blogging about festival events and giving you the inside track all week.


Thomas D said…
Brief and belated Tuesday confession: Am rediscovering music! Scarlatti's sonatas for the harpsichord; Allegri's "Miserere mei"; and some endlessly fascinating compositions by the modern composer Olivier Messiaen (1908-92)!

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