Celebrity Poets

After watching this video on Jim Brock's blog of actress Sally Kirkland reading her poetry (check out the outfit), it reminded me of other celebrities who feel the need to publish their poetry.

If you know of celebs who write and/or publish poetry, add to the list. All of these links are to Amazon.com in case you would like to see the book covers ... or purchase copies -- whatever floats your boat.

A Night Without Armour, Jewel (singer)

The Lords and the New Creatures, Jim Morrison (singer, deceased)

The Forest of Love: A Love Story in Blank Verse, Jack Palance (actor, deceased). I have an autographed copy of this book--got it as a gag gift.

Touch Me, Suzanne Sommers (acrtress)

Yesterday I Saw the Sun: Poems, Ally Sheedy (actress)

Always a Reckoning and Other Poems, President Jimmy Carter. Actually, Carter's poetry is pretty good so I really don't consider him in the same category as the others.

Blinking with Fists: Poems, Billy Corgan (singer)


bostonerin said…
I belive the lead singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd, published a book of poetry called White Fluffy Clouds: Found Inspiration Moving Forward.

Don't get me started on celebrity books for children...
January said…
Maybe you should get stared on Celebrity Children's books--that list is much longer: Katie Couric, Jamie Lee Curtis, Maria Shriver, Billy Crystal, just to name a few.
la vie en rose said…
the book of poetry by jewel is one of the first i ever purchased. i actually like it a lot.
January said…
Admittedly, I have not read Jewel's book. In my list I was trying not to be judgemental with any one celebrity.

But I did read some of poet Beau Sia's parody book, which was just wrong (but funny).
Ex-Senator Eugene McCarthy, who died last December, wrote wonderful poems:

Whose foot on the treadle
That turns the burning stars
Has spun the world half way round
Since last I called
Come down, dome down.

January said…
Thanks Pepek. Didn't know Sen. McCarthy has an ear for rhyme and meter.

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