The Day After the Day After Christmas

A few random thoughts a few days after Christmas.

1. Look at me being silly with my new camera, courtesy of my handsome hubby. I'll upload a few more picks this week.

2. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you had a great holiday and I look forward to visiting blogs in the next few days.

3. On Christmas morning, we could have saved ourselves a lot of hassle by taking the toys out of the original packaging for the kids. The adults spent half the morning untying twist ties and cutting through plastic.

4. My parents are leaving for Virginia in a few hours and I can tell that my son is already sad about it. Wish we could visit more often but I'm happy we had the time together that we did.

4. I've got to start saving in January for next December.

5. This Christmas really felt like a holiday for the kids. At some point, the baton was passed to the younger generation, and I found myself deliriously happy in their joy. And I have the pictures to prove it.

6. What am I going to post for Poetry Thursday?


la vie en rose said…
congrats on the new camera! how exciting.

i'm asking myself that last question...*sigh*...
ecm said…
Sounds like a great holiday! Enjoy the camera :)
Catherine said…
I have a new camera too! It's great fun, and also a challenge learning what all the different settings do. Glad you enjoyed Christmas with your family.
Paris Parfait said…
Fun, happy photo! I look forward to seeing more photos taken with your new camera.

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