Poem for Poetry Thursday

The Kiss

It’s as though sheer will provides
the feeling of action: broad shoulders
balanced on a narrow frame
the V-shaped digress of his back facing you.
How many times have you spoken to
the man at the computer?
How many times have you imagined
that back against a wall, hand clutching hip,
hand cradling head, lip touching lip
touching lip touching lip.
He’s the wrong man, you’re the wrong woman
yet you feel as if you could sink or swim. Live or die.
The frothing of spirits thick with passion,
and all those pheromones processing … processing
because language can be difficult
because whatever it is between you
can’t be sated. Gaze by gaze,
you enter this place beyond other places,
beyond the body itself, where the midnight tides ebb,
and a great wave swells and drifts away
carrying you over the lip of the world.


This is such a powerful group of lines:

"lip touching lip
touching lip touching lip.
He’s the wrong man, you’re the wrong woman"

It's so surprising, and mesmerizing...
Dani said…
"He's the wrong man, you're the wrong woman"

This is how I felt on the day that I realized I was too old (and too married!) to flirt with IT guys in order to get my request moved up :-).
Nic Sebastian said…
"the lip of the world" is a fantastic image to wrap up on. Enjoyed, thanks for posting. Nic
bb said…
yes i love the 'lip touching' echo too, and that fabulous closing line - you always seems to know just how to wrap your lines up :-)
January said…
I have to be careful with this poem because it's not written about anyone specifically.

Dani, I agree, I'm just too married to do more than write poems like this.
paris parfait said…
Beautiful poem, January. I know all about that wrong man/wrong woman bit (from my past - not now).

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