Poet Mom's Annual Report

Year's end always makes me sappy and sentimental. But I really must take a moment and thank everyone who reads my blog. If no one read it, I'd still blog. But getting such positive feedback from this community of readers and writers makes it so worthwhile.

Creatively and spiritually, y'all have made this the best year of my life. I can say that because my family and friends are happy and healthy, which has allowed me to focus on me for a few minutes every day. Now, I see my life more clearly; I am so in tune with the words and images that surround me. Even the small, mundane things have meaning in my life. And the poetry. Let's not forget the poetry. Check out these stats.

*Number of blog posts as of December 20, including this one: 258.

*Number of profile views since July 2005: 1419. I had two blog posts in 2005, but really didn't start blogging until April 2006 (National Poetry Month).

*Number of poems written since April 2006: 42.

*Favorite poem written for blog: Sex and Pizza

*Least favorite poem written for blog: Five Bucks

*Favorite blog post: Tell Me Your Secret

*Least favorite post: Last week I attempted to try the Secrets post again. But I was reminded that I have a site meter so I could find out who posted what, despite my anonymous request. That was kind of a bummer so I took down the post altogether. That's the first and only time I've ever taken down a post. (To the person who made the comment: no big deal, and thanks for the heads up.)

The big number is the 42 poems written this year. Not all of which I have liked, but I try to post a few not-so-good ones with the half-decent attempts. Most of those made it into my revised manuscript. All in all, 2006 has been my most prolific year ever. Hard to believe with two kids under 4 running around.

A special thank you goes out to the lovely ladies at Poetry Thursday and Sunday Scribblings for giving me a place to put my creative energies.

I started blogging to kick-start my poetry, but the benefits have outweighed my initial reason for entering the blogosphere. Again, I send out my deep gratitude and thanks. Now, bring on 2007!


Anonymous said…
congrats to you for all your hard work. as much as poetry is about fine work, about intricacies, i also believe it is about quantity. maybe there's a ratio some scientist could create--how many mediocre poems does it take to get to the center of a really, really good one? great effort, january. and may your 2007 be just as glorious!
bb said…
i was feeling all emotional and happy about the whole bloggy/poetry thing we've got going on until the 'tell me your secret' bit. perhaps i've a mild form of tourette's? or (more likely) i don't always think things through before i post :-( thanks for taking it all with good grace...

still! i wish a creative and prolific 2007, january (full of family health and cheer) to one of my favourite bloggers ~ that's you!

x x x
January said…
I knew the comments were from you, BB. As I said, no big deal. I'll probably try the secrets post again in the new year.

BB have a great 2007! Hope it brings you everything you wish for creatively and spiritually. Good luck with your chapbook. And here's to a healthy and happy year with your family, my dear.
January said…
Carolee, maybe, just maybe, we can meet up with JillyPoet in 2007.

Here's wishing you a very creative and happy 2007.
Bug said…
What a great post. And what an amazing year you've had. Congrats, and happy festivus. (I'm going to steal this blog idea!)
Rob Mackenzie said…
Well done!

You wrote:

"The big number is the 42 poems written this year. Not all of which I have liked, but I try to post a few not-so-good ones with the half-decent attempts."

I'm with you on this. I think even great writers write very few outstanding poems. The mark of a good writer isn't that they always write good poems, but that they can write them every now and then. So keep going through 2007!
Anonymous said…
we will definitely try to get an Albany-Boston get together going in 2007!
Deb R said…
Y'know since it's so simple to start a Blogger blog, you could always start a new one just for the occasional "post a secret" thing and not add a sitemeter to it. Just a thought. :-)
Paris Parfait said…
I'm so glad you're blogging and sharing your poetry and your bright spirit with us all - what a pleasure to get to know you this year! xo

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