Sunday Scribblings: If These Walls Could Talk ...

If these walls could talk, they’d tell you:

  • I’m sitting at my office desk in my pajamas waiting for my kids to get up. Haven’t had my first glass of water or morning tea yet.

  • I’m having poetry withdrawal from not writing a poem in the last 72 hours. I’d like to write more but I think I’ll be writing less in December because of the holidays. I'm a little sad about that.

  • I’ve been going to the gym like clockwork, five days a week for the past three weeks. My abs are killing me; when I cough, they ache.

  • I’m surrounded by boxes of gifts from online retailers that need to be wrapped.

  • We just installed a new bathtub and surround for our main bathroom, just one of the many household things we’ll do before the end of the year.

  • Boston may get snow tonight. I’m a big kid at heart, so I’m hopping for a *MASSIVE* snowstorm so everyone gets a snow day, and the snow removal crews can make some extra cash.

  • Last night we took the kids out for pizza after Christmas shopping and they loved it! Fortunately, they were well behaved and loved people-watching in the busy restaurant.

  • My 16-month old daughter eats crayons like they’re going out of style. She gets mad when I take them away from her. If she finds a stray one, it’s like she’s found a piece of Godiva chocolate. Can’t wait to introduce her to Godiva chocolate--now, that’s something special.

  • My three-year-old son likes to sit in our cars and pretend he’s driving. So last week we left him alone in his dad's car while we worked in the yard, and he put all of the change in the change compartment into the CD player slot. Now the radio doesn’t work. *sigh*

  • My husband has a part-time gig working at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots football team. I hear him shuffling about the house getting ready. The coffee maker clicks and gurgles. The shower hisses on. And one of the kids whimpers. Maybe he or she will go back to sleep a few minutes longer so I can have my morning tea.


GoGo said…
I came by to say your comment on Writer Bug's page for in the last hour cracked me up. It was a very hard topic indeed.
twitches said…
Hell, I haven't wrote a new poem since September - but go ahead and be upset about that 72-hour thing, if you must!

And if your abs hurt, you're doing something right! yay!
twitches said…
Did I actually say "I haven't wrote"?

It's definitely time for a vacation...
January said…
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Can't believe you haven't written anything since September because you post so many good poems.

My neck also hurts--something tells me Im not doing my ab exercises correctly.
paris parfait said…
At least you're being consistent about getting to the gym. As for your daughter eating crayons, definitely time to introduce her to something more tasty. :) As for the poems, they'll come. Hard to slap deadlines on creative energy, after all.
At that age they'll eat anything! My niece is particularly interested in eating tiny rubber-bands. My sister tries frantically to get her to stop doing it, but she finds them everywhere. Sounds like you have been keeping busy--the poetry pendulum will swing back your way, as you know.
Carolee said…
OK, January. I think it's really cool that you're a fellow poet and everything, and I really admire your work BUT YOUR HUSBAND WORKS AT GILLETTE STADIUM?!? That ROCKS! Omigod. Am I yelling? I have been a lifelong Patriots fan. I am so jealous. Here's what I need you to do: ask your husband to touch something in the stadium that he thinks Tom Brady may have touched and then he can touch your computer and you can respond to my comment and somehow through the magic of cyberspace, I will have touched The Man Himself.

Is it wrong that I am more excited about your football connection than your sunday scribbling? Now, of course, you know I'm usually in awe of your work but Gillette Stadium. I'm not worthy! :)
January said…
OMG that's so funny, Carolee!

Tim works in one of the luxury suites. So while he hasn't met Tom Brady, I think they've passed in a corridor, and he's had similar experience with some of the half-time acts such as Destiny's Child and the Rolling Stones.

Tim's Tom Brady experience IS more exciting than my Sunday Scribblings--brushes with greatness always are!
Bug said…
I laughed out loud at your son shoving change into the cd player. All while you thought, what harm could he do in there without the keys?
ecm said…
Did the snow come? I love me a snow day!
January said…
EMC, no real snow to mention, but enough for Ella to eat and Alex to throw at daddy.

I'm still hoping for snow before X-mas!

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