"Tuesday afternoon is never ending..."

I’m home from work because my dear, sweet Ella has a hacking cough. She’ll be fine, but I thought she needed a little TLC from mom today. So after being sleep deprived last night, and keeping up with her, I’m not sure what to talk about today. That rarely happens. So maybe I need to rest and refocus—I’m spent. Ella’s asleep and I have an hour before I have to pick up my son Alex from day care.

January goals

This week
• Write a poem
• Send out poems to one journal/review
• Collect manuscript comments from readers
• Revise and post 2007 book list
• Save my favorite blog posts and all of my posted poems to my hard drive and backup drive (ugh)

Next week
• Start a new book to read
• Write a poem
• Send out poems to one journal/review
• Revise manuscript to send to publishers
• Plan a night out with Boston-area bloggers. More on that later.

The week after next
• Find a poetry reading/open mic to attend
• Write a poem
• Send out poems to one journal/review
• Get manuscript ready in order to send out the first week in February


What a great blog, I'm so glad I found you. I'm working at it -- just getting started. I think maybe I've been a mom longer than you, but your blog is masterful compared to mine, sigh. Yeah!
Catherine said…
You are so focussed. And thanks for the reminder, I need to back up too before I go away for a week.
January said…
Catherine, you’ve walked over hot coals so I believe you can do anything!
January said…
Jennifer, that’s quite a complement. Thanks. Joining a few online writing communities and seeing other blogs helped decide what I liked and didn’t like about blogs in general. I still consider my space a work in process, but it always comes down to the poetry.

I look forward to checking out your blog. Welcome to the blogosphere.
chiefbiscuit said…
Them's some good goals. No doubt about it, you are a walking wonder!
eds(eric) said…
i like seeing someone else's to-do list....makes me feel sane..thx for sharing
January said…
eds, creating the list is the easy part--sometimes I have a hard time executing!

But publishing my to-dos helps.

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