All Hallow's Eve

October. Happy to let go of this month. While it certainly was a time of great joy—from attending a wedding to going to Sesame Place amusement park with the kids—this is the second unproductive month in a row with my writing. My head knows that it’s been a busy time with family and work, but poetry is my center and I hate when I move away from my center.

With the onset of the many November National (insert-your-own-writing-event) Month tomorrow, I’m throwing my hat back in the ring. I don’t have it in me for a novel, so I’m locked into National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. So as it the air gets colder, I will find a little solace here, here, and here, but always coming home to this blog.

Kid pics to come (and boy are they cute, cute cute!).
Happy Halloween!


polka dot witch said…
i also joined nablopomo as my consolation prize b/c i can't do nanowrimo this year. but it's starting to have a really cool life of its own. i think it will be great! so glad your hat's in the ring!
January said…
It should be fun! My goal is to write good blog posts/poems/pictures. I don't want to post for the sake of posting, so I hope to explore new topics every day.

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