If the temperature’s dropping, then the Red Sox must be in the playoffs!

With October come those rich autumnal colors. Hot apple cider. Pumpkin pie. Digging sweaters out of the closet. Raking leaves. All hallows eve. All of these things, AND my baby boy turns 4 years old this week.

This month is front-loaded with events. The first few days bring a birthday and a wedding. It brings together old friends—with a trip to Sesame Street Place thrown into the mix. There’s a gala event that I’m on tap to attend. But October also brings my most productive, creative time as a poet. I think I’m more focused on my writing during the fall and winter months. All of this activity keeps me from being seasonally affected, and distracts me from the sometimes harsh New England winters.

Born out of a conversation last night at the NEWS Reading, I am attempting something different. I’m not a consistent writer, at least not an everyday writer, but for the month of October I’m taking 15 minutes a day for the sole purpose of writing a poem. I’ve seen other blogging poets write first drafts in 8 minutes, but I’m not that fast. My hope is to stay limber and open to whatever enters my brain. From the changing of the leaves to world events—nothing is off limits.

Fifteen minutes doesn’t sound that daunting. Some days I’ll spend more time writing than others. And I’ll post most of what I write. There’s just too much going on this month to commit to a poem a day. Besides, that’s something I save for April and NaPoWriMo.


polka dot witch said…
i hate to comment on this place that includes "boston red sox" in the same post as "poetry," BUT ... :)

i have been considering some kind of daily writing commitment, as well. for me, it's not a response to the season, but to the realization that i shouldn't do nanwrimo this november. i still haven't accepted it and can't guarantee i won't do something crazy, but i know it's not the best way for me to spend this particular november.

so i'm looking for a substitution this fall ... to get this fix from an obsession without the GIANT time commitment of nanowrimo.

how has it worked for the other bloggers/writers?
Once of my baby boys turns 34 tomorrow, another turns 33 next Sunday...then another will be 40 on the 22nd, and the last October birthday, on the 26th, the middle son will be 39. October is a great month! Dark gray skies followed by bright blue, some rain, a snowflake or two, or three (or more), the neighbor's corn and tomatoes going down, and the pumpkins coming up. The kids singing Halloween songs: There's a spider on my neck, on my neck....

Don't you love it???
January said…
Wow, Pepek! October is a busy birthday month for you. All those blessings in one month? Congratulations, my dear!
January said…
Carolee, I can tell you that NaPoWriMo wore me out by the end. Knowing me, however, I'll try it again in April.

As for NaMoWriMo, I do know several people who have tried and gotten far doing it. I thought 15 minutes might be an easy way to get back into writing regularly.

But I'm with you--I'm curious about what works for other writers.

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