BOSTON: Readers Wanted: NEWS Reading Series

We have two open slots for poetry readers this Sunday, October 21.

Additionally, we’ve decided to go with a children’s and YA theme for our November 11 reading.

Readings start at 4 p.m. at The Regent Theatre’s basement screening room7 Medford Street, Arlington

Please contact us if you’re interested in reading for either date.


Contact for more information or visit our web site at


Bug said…
So many posts to catch up on! I just answered your question about how's it going in writer land on my blog. You sure are keeping busy!!
January said…
Hi Bug! Hope all is well with you. We should get together soon for a girls' day or night out.

More to come.
LJCohen said…
Sorry we won't be able to be there--hubby's 25th college reunion weekend and we'll be on the road back from Rochester.

But I know it will be a great reading!

January said…
Lisa, you will be missed! Enjoy the time with your hubby.

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