How you doin'?

I was just at Once in a Blue Muse, and Lisa asked the question, "How's things with you all out there in writer-land?"

Had to think about it for a minute. If I look back at the last two months, my writing has been all over the place. Honestly, I haven't been writing much poetry since the end of August. But I'm trying to pull myself out of my funk through writing exercises and making contact with other local writers. What also helps is reaching out to you to see how you're doing.

So writers, bloggers--how you doin'? Is your Muse on strike? Are the words flowing or are they stuck in the mud? Does the change of season have anything to do with it. And if you're stuck, what are you doing to get out of it?


...deb said…
I'm doing more-than-okay, maybe even pretty-good.

I went into a bit of a mental funk when PT announced they were dissolving the site, and I still miss it. I was bummed the Big As* project fell through, but there have been other new sites to respond to and get involved with--and accepting change and being invigorated by it is something I want to be able to negotiate.

Jessica's online poetry bookclub helps (9 to 5 Poet); reading in the company of others--even if it is a very small, virtual group, is good. Exposure to poets I wouldn't read on my own is fantastic. I think it is helping my writing. Or let's just say I am happier with my writing.

I have been meeting (twice now) with a couple of gals to workshop poems with. They are much younger than I am, I met in college writing classes last year, but they are good writers and it's smart to mix up age groups and styles, I think (another thing I like about the online community). Another small workshop group has invited me to visit them next week.

So it has been a topsy-turvey period with highs and lows. The improvement I hope for next is to get into the daily writing habit.

Thanks for asking :-).
my backyard said…
Yes, I am so uninspired. I'm visiting some of the old PoetryThursday blogs looking for inspiration.

Hang in there, January. I'm sure you'll find inspiration again.
polka dot witch said…
i'm feeling a bit abandoned. isn't that strange? like yesterday i found a yoga class that fits into my schedule. i showed up. the instructor is pregnant. due to give birth any time. so the class will be on hiatus for a while.

the last couple weeks, i haven't seen much of my friends. in fact, last saturday we were supposed to go out after my son's birthday party for drinks. they went instead during his party without me. isn't that silly? isn't it so high school that i would read anything into it.

i've even missed some folks regular blogging (January!)

but there's just that sense. pervasive. i wonder what it means? if i'm reading it into everything, even in places where it's so not applicable, it must mean something.
polka dot witch said…
oh--and traveling poetry has cancelled future trips. i feel abandoned there, too. although i still love everyone. i'm in an why-is-everyone-leaving-me-behind mood. does anyone else visit that place?
January said…
Hi Carolee, I haven't felt like blogging regularly lately. But I really want to blog more. Hope to get back in the swing of things starting now.

I did pop over to your new project. How's it going?

I do think that change is good, I'm sure you'll find another yoga class or something else to fill the time.
January said…
My Backyard, I know. I visit the PT blog myself. Too bad it didn't work out. I think we need to do something with this collective energy ... but what?
January said…
Deb, I wish BAPP had taken off, too.

I'll have to check out Jessica's bookclub. But it looks like you're getting out in the community and sharing your work. That's a positive step.

Are you submitting anything for publication?
jillypoet said…
Hey January! I know the feeling. I am slowing coming out of my writer funk, but I am nowhere near the energy I had last year at this time. After reading other's comments, I wonder, could it really be the fact that PT is no longer? It is true, we all felt a true sense of community. It is a recurring thought for me, this feeling of unrest, or disinterest in writing and blogging, I notice this "ennui," everywhere, though, not just in the writing blogging world. Hmm...
By the way, I tagged you for a meme. Your 5 greatest strengths as a writer. Maybe that will jump start you!
January said…
Jilly, good questions. Is PT the cause of so much ennui? And I think ennui is a good way to describe what's happening in the blogosphere.

We just have to stick together and rise above it. I know I joined the blogosphere to write more poems. If I lose sight of that then I might as well stop blogging. (No plans for that I'm happy to say.)

Will check out the meme today.
...deb said…
Hi January,

I am working on one little peice for a November submission. It was my last PT poem, ironically. A few non-blogging friends liked it, too. So I am revising and revising and fussing. The topic is "redemption" and I'll send a link when I get back to my home computer where it's "saved", if anyone is curious.

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