Don't Call It a Comeback ...!

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox, the 2007 American League Champion Series winners. We're going back to the World Series ... "Can you believe it?"


God, just let us win it!
polka dot witch said…
this was awesome!

don't be shocked by my support of the red sox. i know i've razzed you before, being a yankees fan and everything.

but i bet you didn't know that unless they are playing the yankees, i cheer for boston. i am a strange creature who hides out b/c she's likely to be killed by someone in one of those cities. or maybe to simply just implode from so much conflict.

it's my way of blending my roots with my present life.

so shhhhhh. i will be cheering for the red sox to win the series, just as i cheered for them to beat cleveland. yay!
LJCohen said…
Go Sox!!!!!


Hubby bought me Tek and Youk bobble heads as a late birthday gift. They have a place of honor on the mantle until the world series is played.
January said…
Lisa, I have a Nomar bobble head tucked away in a corner, as well as a Wally doll.

Go Red Sox!
January said…
Carolee, I am shocked. :)

The Sox need all of the good karma they can get.

Melissa, AMEN! But I think we can do it in six games. That's my prediction.
Bug said…
: )

For the first time, Brian and I have truly caught Red Sox fever.
Bug said…
so what's this i hear about your news??? Quoting from BE's blog: "My dear friend, co-conspirator, and writer-inspiration Poetmom received some hair-blowing-back news that shows the universe is finally recognizing her amazingness." Do tell!

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