I got a great piece of news yesterday afternoon—the kind of news that writers like to hear. More to come about that in the next few weeks. For now, let’s just say that in a year full of highs and lows, seems like right now, at this very moment, everything’s coming up roses.

For the last 16 hours I have been carrying around these roses. Deep, rich, red roses. All I can see is roses. Roses on my husband’s lips. Roses through the telephone. Roses in my kids hugs. Rose petals left behind on my dinner plate. Rose leaves blanketing our bodies as we sleep.

This morning, I worked out at the gym at the crack of dawn, then kissed my family and went to work. I looked for roses on the highway—nothing. Noticed every single autumnal color in the trees but no roses. Looked around at my fellow drivers, looked to see who was singing on their way to work (just me), who was on the telephone, and who was stressed out (everyone!). Drivers with their blank stares on a highway with no roses. My roses sat next to me on the passenger’s seat. Went into the office, tucked the fresh buds under my jacket. Crammed them in the pocket over my heart. The stems poke me in the chest, reminding me I am alive, and that I am still here. That I matter.

So for you today, I wish you amazingly, overwhelmingly, fantastically beautiful roses.


LJCohen said…
January--I can't wait to hear about your good news! This was a lovely post--especially moving was this:

"The stems poke me in the chest, reminding me I am alive, and that I am still here. That I matter."


yeah!!!! can't wait to hear the news that is turning everything to roses.

your rose imagery is just fabulous! love that last line!
bostonerin said…
This is what happens when you tend your garden well.

Much, much deserved, my friend.
paris parfait said…
Oh I love it when everything's coming up roses - good for you, January! xo
January said…
Thanks Tara, and everyone. Hope you find the beauty in your days, too.
i want to know the news I want to know the news!
polka dot witch said…
i'm not good with patience or suspense. you're torturing me! i do know it will be worth it when you spill the beans, though. that will keep me going. :)
January said…
Trust me, it's worth the wait!
RB said…
I've just been lurking lately, but this is worthy of a shout-out! Can't wait to hear/read the news. And I agree with Erin...whatever it is, it's much deserved. Even though I haven't known you long (and mostly it's been through virtual mediums), I do know that you work hard at your craft and that you are such a source of support for the rest of us. So, many thanks for the latter and congrats on your bouquet of good news!


PS--Break a leg at your reading tomorrow!
January said…
Thanks RB. We have to have lunch very soon. And, plan on reading with the NEWS next year (wow, we have two months left in the year).

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