Beating the Heat

It's 100 degrees here in Norfolk, VA--my kind of weather. Why? Because in mid-February, when I think we can't get much more snow--and we do, I DREAM of weather like this. So when folks inevitibly ask, "Is it hot enough for you?" I say, "No! Make it hotter!"

This is how the kids beat the heat.


JimK said…
95 in andover today..a bit dry
though. Not terrible. The
85 and hazy-damp was much worse.
Got to admit, 60 feels delicious.
Scientists say where you spend
the first year of life switches
genes for the sweat-gland count,
determines your comfort with
high temp.
Goodnight, Mom said…
Wow, those are GREAT pics! I heard it was so hot! I can't believe that we have cooler temps in TX, although, it does not feel that way! Dying to know how Cindy is!
I hate the heat. Delhi is always so hot! I think we have summers 11 months a year.

And it seems your kids are having a great time!
January said…
Well, if I had 11 months of hot weather I wouldn't like it either, Gautami. Are you able to take vacation in a cooler climate?

Jim, I think that's absolutely true about the first year of life. My husband and kids are used to cooler weather. Hard to believe it's that hot in MA. Try to keep cool.

Kristi, we'll talk!
:D Looks like fun!
Anonymous said…
Really, jimk? Maybe that explains it... I was born in Canada and lived there until I was two, but have lived in NC since then, where every summer gets harder and harder for me to handle. (I have asthma and another disease that both react very negatively to heat, as well.) I've always said I hate it so much because of my Canadian blood - but is it scientifically true, then?
I need to get outta here!

Er... sorry, January, for taking over your comments board! I do enjoy your blog a lot. :)

January said…
Sara, hijack away! And thanks for the kind words.

Keep cool!
Ananda said…
oh wow. the pool party looks cool. enjoy the summer.
JimK said…
You could try a little bottle with a
mist sprayer (w/water). Another
scheme is wetting face and arms. (short sleeves). I was happy last
week to find linen pants.
odessa said…
how fun!!!! i wanna have a pool party too. ;)

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