Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! The Confessional is open. Feel free to confess here or on your blog—and let us know if you do!

Last day of June. I wrote no poems this month, a continuation of the no-poems trend of May. It’s a side effect of NaPoWriMo. But I have high hopes for July—I’ve started a few things that I hope to revisit soon. What a slacker I’ve become!


I have three poems in the latest edition at Babel Fruit. And I’m in good company with Jim Brock and Amy King.


Last week, I joined two listservs. In addition to the two I already subscribe to, my inbox is overflowing with news and conversation (read: it’s overwhelming). Still, I don’t know how much I would read if I sorted the mail with filters. I’m not complaining, tho—this is a good problem to have.

Here’s one for the books: Sunday night, my handy husband was putting in a new glass range top (aka stove or cook top). All was going well until I stared talking.


I distracted him and the glass range top slipped out of his hands, which chipped the corner and sent a diagonal crack across the surface. Needless to say, Tim was upset at himself (not at me, which he could have been but was not. Love you!). So after we fed the kids leftovers and ordered sushi for ourselves as “comfort food,” we devised a plan to return it to the store. Cross your fingers that they buy our excuse and replace it with no questions asked. Doh!

My husband turns 40 on July 4. No present purchased yet, but hoping to plan a few surprises for the weekend. He doesn’t want a party, which is too bad because I want to do something big.


We are holiday babies. His birthday is on Independence Day, while mine lands on Valentine’s Day.


I’ll be 40 on my next birthday.


...deb said…
No new poems, but a heckuva poetry month! Woot!

I joined WOMPO quite a while ago (I haven't introduced myself, yet) but had to turn the emails off...even though I set up a special address just for that listserve...they have an overwhelming amount of mail. Thing is, I don't go by the site to what good is that?

I loved my fourties. I think of them fondly :-)

I've confessed.
January said…
I completely understand about the amount of e-mail on listservs. You really do have to stay on them or the messages pile up.

I like to keep current with trends and thought in poetry--listservs are an immediate way to do that.

Oh 40. Not sure how the 40s can top my 30s but looking forward to next year no matter what.
chicklegirl said…
Hi, January. Congratulations on your three poems in Babel Fruit!

Deb suggested I join the confessional booth and after lurking for a while, I'm ready. My post is here.
January said…
You're now on the list. Welcome to Confession Tuesday!
Goodnight, Mom said…
Hey! A new range! It is about time!! Said she with falling gutters. You might remember our microwave that started and stopped at its will. You also had to have a secret code to get it to actually start when you wanted it to. When we finally called Home Shield to get a new one, I was like, what took us so long? It makes me very happy now! Good luck with the returns. You guys have such honest faces!

Happy Birthday SB!
odessa said…
How do you feel about being a holiday baby? My bday is on Dec 27 and when I was little I used to hate how I only get one gift for Christmas and my birthday, its not fair :P

Btw, I also had my own confession here:

confessions and distractions
January said…
Odessa, I have a much easier holiday to deal with. I never minded getting a chocolate birthday gift!

I can certainly understand how you feel. But still, it seems like a special time between Christmas and New Year's Day!

Thanks for confessing this week.
Anonymous said…
i read your work at babel fruit. it was terrific. i think the three really stand out in the issue.

happy birthday to your hubby.

but 40? wow. some of my friends here are inching that way. scares the crap out of me.

thanks for keeping the confessions alive!

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