Home Alone

Today Tim took the kids to a family reunion by a lake. I wasn’t in the mood to go, so I stayed home and had a day full of me time!

The town of Beverly had its annual arts festival. Here are a few photos.

After milling around for a bit, I did all the things I wanted to do on my list: go shopping, write at Starbucks, and watch the Red Sox (lousy game!). And after doing all the things I wanted to do …

I’m lonely.

Who knew I would miss my family this much. You’d think they went across country. Still, I think it’s best that they went without me. I end up spending a lot of energy making sure they’re behaving, to the point where I don’t enjoy conversations with adults. Tim is more easy-going than I am. Besides, I don’t swim. So being by a lake—surrounded by bugs—is so not for me!

I’ve been productive editing and organizing poems for, dare I say, a second manuscript. After Tim and the kids go to bed, I can work on one of the three poems I’m working on. All in all, it’s been a good day. It’s just a little too quiet around here.


Kay said…
O how I remember those days.
I loved the photo of your Mum running through the sprinkler! That's what I'd love to be doing - with the grandkids - but it's too cold right now right here.
Goodnight, Mom said…

I'm so happy that you had that time alone. I mean, it totally makes you appreciate your time with your kids. I just had 36 hours by myself (well, with my family) in Cleveland. It was heaven.

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