Confession Tuesday

Be sure to post a message and let me know if you're confessing this week. I will be slow to respond while I'm out of town, but I will read all your secrets on Tuesday.

By the time you read this, I will be sipping a cool beverage with my husband, miles away from the kids. We decided to take a vacation inside of a vacation, if you will. So while we have built-in babysitters, we're staying overnight at a hotel at the Virginia Beach oceanfront sans kids!


Feels weird to be in my hometown and act like a tourist. I guess it's a little like that every time I visit. But to stay in a hotel 20 miles from when I grew up feels odd.

Oh well. I'll adapt! *smile*


I try to visit the Tidewater area annually. On most trips I see no one I know other than family friends. But on two separate occasions, I've run into two people that I haven't see in 20 years. Freaky.


This trip has been especially fun for the kids (see yesterday's photos). From traveling on an airplane, to making new friends, and being in their swimsuits all day--the kids are having a fabulous time. While Tim and I are away, they will be spoiled rotten by their grandparents. As it should be.


Yesterday I had had too much "family togetherness," so I escaped to my oasis in the desert: Starbucks! Just goes to show that wherever you go, there you are.

Jotted down a few ideas for poems. To paraphrase Robert Pinsky, he said that it's easier to write poems about your hometown when you move away from it. I'm hoping that this trip will open me up to areas I haven't explored in a very long time.


Go Celts!!!


Goodnight, Mom said…
Jana, have a GREAT time away with Tim! Will probably skip confessions this week given my Eva crisis but do have a great story up there that I put up today that will have to act as my confessional!

wendy said…
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Hopeyou are having a wonderful family time!

Not exactly a confession but it is kind of true..

hot summer thoughts
...deb said…
I've confessed.

Great photos of the kids in the water. Have a wonderful time in all that sweltering heat.
January said…
Thanks Deb. It's really too hot to have them outside, so we've been out either in the early morning or late afternoon.

Hope it's not too warm where you are.
odessa said…
hi january,

ah, family + the sun is the absolutely best combo. i for one am craving the warm summer days already. its still a little cold here in SF.

and oh, i had my own confession
too...well, sort of. maybe i'll do this every tuesday now.

enjoy the rest of your vacay! :)

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