Leaving on a Jet Plane

At the risk of telling all criminals that I am going out of town, I am going out of town!

The fam and I are headed south to Norfolk, Virginia, to visit my parents. This is our annual trip, and I need to get away like you wouldn't believe. The Tidewater area certainly has changed since I lived there--better restaurants, new places to shop, and improved beaches.

One thing I haven't done is looked into the Norfolk-Virginia Beach poetry scene. Someday I'd like to read my work in my hometown, so I hope to check out an open mike while I'm away. And, as always, I'll post while I'm away.

Have a nice weekend, y'all! Except for the criminals. I hope they have terrible weekends.


chiefbiscuit said…
Have a great time - you certainly deserve some r'n'r!
Rethabile said…
Take care with the fam. And bring us back some stories...
JimK said…
From the pic, I'd say
that DC-3 is pretty rugged.
I'm worried about the missing
tailfin though. Have a good one.

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