Kibbles and Bits

Just a few things of note before I get the day started.

  1. I joined the Womem's Poetry Listserv, or WOMPO, last night. Looking forward to lively discussions with a very diverse group of poets. Here's a description from the WOMPO Web site:

    Wompo is an international listserv devoted to the discussion of Women's Poetry. Membership is open to all individuals who are interested in discussing poetry written by women. The discussion covers women poets of all periods, aesthetics, countries, and ethnicities.

  2. I received the nicest rejection letter from Maggie Dietz at Slate! She wrote me a wonderful note—completely unnecessary but greatly appreciated. I am encouraged to submit again when their reading period begins in September.

  3. Happy to see the folks at Read Write Poem on Facebook. As I said in my Confession Tuesday post: poets love Facebook.

  4. Nice to see Paul Guest receive a mention in the New Yorker. Well, the write-up is really about the blurbs for his new book. If there's any truth to the notion that readers judge a book by the blurber, then Paul has nothing to worry about. And as someone who just went to the trouble of hunting down poets for blurbs, I found this short piece quite funny.


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