Signs of Life

There's not much going on with my book since it won't be published next year. But this piece of mail made me smile.

This is the back of CavanKerry Press' most recent newsletter. There I am, listed in the "In the Wings" section--click on the image for a larger view. It's just cool to see my name on CKP to-come list.

It's coming. It's all happening. Yea!

(Yes, my name is misspelled--happens all the time.)


I clicked. Which one of those scary-looking dudes is YOU?

:D Just kidding.
January said…
My scary mug is not in this edition. With any luck, that will happen in '09.

Those beautiful faces belong to recently published CKP authors.

odessa said…
wow, how exciting! congrats!!!
Catherine said…
Exciting! No doubt they will get the spelling right on the actual book?
Goodnight, Mom said…
Jana, this is AMAZING! I'm soooo proud of you!!!!
January said…
Thanks KDB! Thanks Everyone for the kind words.

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