Home Again

After a wonderful time with the ’rents, we are home from our trip to Virginia. All is well in the house of O’Neil. And I’m on vacation from work the rest of the week so I’m looking to enjoy the beautiful weather with my family, while finding time to write and shop. (Mommy needs a new pair of strappy sandals!)

I was surprised to find my local gas station up to $4.09 (gas was $3.83 in the Tidewater area on Wednesday). Last week, the price was $3.95. Tomatoes are now off the grocery shelves, and corn is just not worth buying when everything else is so expensive.

But I was thrilled to see that our vegetable garden is thriving. With any luck, we’ll have a few homegrown items on our dinner table at the end of the month.

I’m just rambling here. It’s a beautiful day so I hope to take advantage of the time and resist the urge to sleep the day away. And, of course, there will be poetry.


In other exciting news, check out this article and pictures of poet Colleen Michaels and her wonder art/poetry installation at Crane Beach ... Yea Colleen!

From The Salem News: Poem on the boardwalks makes a new kind of beach read


chiefbiscuit said…
A very summery post - the picture of your children is so lovely.
The boardwalk poem you mention (or link to) ties in a little with my post - co-incidentally!
January said…
Thanks. I'm glad something I posted resonated with you. I'll come by to read your post soon.

Hope all is well with you!

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