To-Do List … and Then Some

I just watched Hillary Clinton’s speech in NYC—she is the energizer bunny! Even though she will most likely not get the nomination no matter what backroom scenario she proposes, I admire her tenacity and her grit.

This afternoon, I found out that I did not receive the state grant that I applied for. I really thought I had a good chance. The work I submitted was stronger than in years past (this was my third attempt in six years). While the financial award to that comes with the grant is nice, it has become a point of pride for me. Eventually, I could go one to win larger, more prestigious awards, I will always see this state grant as the one that got away.

So I am thinking about options. I’m putting on a brave face even though this is not the outcome I had hoped for. And soon, like Hillary, I will enjoy a few days of rest with my family—in our case, we are going to see my parents in Virginia at the end of the week.

Here’s my June’s to-do list.

1. Write 8-12 poems (new poetry project)
2. Revise older poems
3. Organize desk once and for all!
4. Send out poems to seven journals/Web zines—I should send out two a week.
5. Update contacts list—this is my local media/mailing list for when Underlife is published in '09.
6. Schedule NEWS Reading event dates for the fall.
7. Read a book!

Believe it or not, this is me pulling back. After my latest Read Write Poem article is published next week, I’m taking a break from writing articles to enjoy the summer. Not that I write many articles, but I really want to put my energies into this to-do list and into my family.

Good luck, Hillary!


LJCohen said…

I'm sorry about the grant. *sigh* It seems disappointment is the name of the game as a writer. I know it's hard to take in, but these things are so unbelievably subjective. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep applying.

(member of the 'january fan club')
January said…
Thanks Lisa. The process is so subjective.

Hope all is well with you and your writing. Are you going to Dodge this year?
Alex said…
Nah Hillary has nothing on you Jan! You are non-stop girl.
January said…
I loves me some Alex!
Writer bug said…
Man, your "pulling back" list is intense! Go you. And I'm proud of you for being able to admit yoru disapointment about the grant. I have to be better about being open about these kinds of things. Sorry to hear you didn't get it though. To end on a happy note, I love the images of the poem you posted earlier, Turning 40. Beautiful
January said…
I am taking a page out of your book, Bug, when it comes to getting things done.

Thanks for the kind words.
Anonymous said…
i love #3: organize desk once and for all. despite the news about the grant, a very optimistic view. :)

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