Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, it's time for confessions. What sins and omissions are you ready to share? Join The Confessional and let the healing begin!

September is here and I feel myself putting on that old armor again. On my morning commute, the highways swelled with traffic. School buses were packed with anxious kids. And I saw leaves on my tree-lined block starting to change. I feel myself ready to hunker down to protect myself. Truth be told, I've had this feeling of dread the whole month of August. Makes it hard to be a positive force in a sometimes negative world.


I think I'm searching for something, maybe a focus or a new goal.


Despite all of that, I had a nice weekend—just what the doctor ordered. Spent lots of time with the kids and Tim, who always make me feel better (see photos below). And managed to get in one more beach day before the unofficial end of summer.


I do have a few wonderful things to look forward to this month: Alex starts school next week, Tim and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, and the Dodge Poetry Festival is right around the corner. All good things to look forward to in the next few weeks.


On the poetry front, my local writing group starts up again (sorry, can't attend tomorrow's meeting). Also, I'll start writing for Read Write Poem again after a much-needed hiatus. I'm using my previously posted to-do list to jumpstart my writing. And, I'm writing 15 minutes a day to get the words flowing.


Finally, I just don't get the Sarah Palin pick as a repub VP pick. As someone who considers herself extremely savvy on political issues, and as Clinton democrat, I need someone to explain it to me.


You know, I kind of relate with this post of yours. And after a while I too did a tuesday post!

Tuesday musings
Catherine said…
Not much to confess, but I can't get onto my own blogger account, so I thought I would check whether I can comment on others
January said…
Catherine, hope your account is active.

Gautami, thanks for confessing.
susan said…

I hope you can get into the fall and feel good even though it will get cold.

I can understand the logic to pick a woman; I don't get the logic in picking Palin. Did he really think women backed a women solely on gender?

You remain a role model and inspiration to me. Know that you're likely influencing more people you know not just with your work but by sharing your writing life.

January said…
I wonder about the Palin choice, too. Is she the best woman that the Repubs can offer the American people?

Susan, thank you for the kind words. I think your life is much more interesting than mine. But I like that we can lean on each other as writers for support.

Hang in there.
odessa said…
january, i'm glad you had a nice weekend. i feel the same way, i'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. my confessions are up here.
Anonymous said…
And I saw also leaves on my tree-lined block starting to change.

I think I'm also searching for something, a new goal.

I am happy.

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