Damon Condemns Palin


odessa said…
i am not a US citizen, but like the rest of the world, i am following this election closely. i still can't believe the arrogance of the republican party to pull something like this, its such an insult to the voters. the more i learn about palin, the more scared i am of what will happen if they do win and something happens to mccain and she becomes president.

and i know its none of my business but as someone who works for children with special needs, i'm still at loss for words over her decision to run for office with a 5-month old child with down's syndrome at home. and she promised to help children with special needs when it was reported that she vetoed a legislation that would've increased funding for these children in alaska? what the heck?

sorry, i got carried away. thanks for posting this january! :)
January said…
No problem Odessa.

I don't understand why people can't see through her. I mean, the thought of her possibly being VP and, heaven forbid, president scares me. There are so many conflicting reports about Palin that I don't know what the truth is.

Matt Damon said it best (and I'm paraphrasing) that he (we) needs to know more about her because she will have access to nuclear weapons. Are you kidding me? This person could be speaking with heads of state and be involved in policy decisions that affect our daily lives.

Anonymous said…
January, thanks for posting. I love Matt Damon, and now I love him even more. We should all be this incredulous about Palin. I want to see her in a debate with Hillary. How can we make that happen? I just hope when her and Biden go at it, he doesn't condescend because that will turn viewers in her favor. Let her sink her own ship. She will.

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