In the Northeast, we’re awaiting the remnants of Hanna. But it has been dry enough outside to get the kids to and from the local Y for gym classes and swim classes. All of this is leading up to Alex’s first day of school on Monday. *sigh!*

Thankfully, Tim is watching the kids now (and, of course, they’re sleeping). I have some time to get organized. I’m re-reading the manuscript of a good friend so I can offer constructive feedback. His work really doesn’t need my input because it’s that good. But anything I can to support him is truly my pleasure. OK, selfishly I’m hoping that reading his work will spark writing of my own.

Also, I’m looking ahead to two poetry festivals fast approaching: Dodge and Mass Poetry. I will blog from both venues with pictures, recaps, and interviews. Be sure to give me a shout-out if you’re at either event.

Happy Saturday!

Song playing on iPod: Smokey Robinson’s Crusin’ ... “I love it when we’re crusin’ together.”


susan said…
Hi January,
Can't wait to hear about the festivals. Happy reading.
Loved the back to school pictures on your Facebook this morning! Ella looks sad at being left behind.... I think she'll soon enjoy being an "only child" a few hours a day!
odessa said…
hi january, hope alex's first day of school went well (for you and for him).

and off i go to check out your facebook pics :)
Kay said…
Will pop over to Facebook soon and check out the photos.
Sounds like you are cheerfully busy as usual.

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