Salem Willows

Ever wonder what happens to kiddie rides when they are put to pasture? They find a second life at Salem Willows, a old-fashioned boardwalk next to the beach in Salem, MA.


JimK said…
Super rides.
I loved the boats best.
I used to ride these
pony swings on Devereaux Beach
with my brother, 1st grade.
I rode the same one (warped)
with my kids. A few years later
they removed it. What a time
Anonymous said…
these are great photos. what a fun way for your family to spend the day!
susan said…
You have the most photogenic kids ever!
Lori said…
You all look like you had a wonderful time! Sounds like fun and your kids are beautiful!
January said…
Thank you thank you thank you!

Too bad the rides at the Willows are not for big kids like me.
How I LOVE that picture of you with the kids in the yellow car-thing. That smile on Alex's face makes me happy all the way down! (All the pictures are fun to see.)

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