Confession Tuesday

You know the drill.

I started writing these confessions Sunday night after I got home from Dodge. So I won’t talk about the festival in this post, other than to say I’m already looking ahead to 2010.


Don’t you wish you had $700 billion dollars to do something else besides bail out Wall Street? Yes, I know … well … I believe we need this money to prevent the whole system from collapsing but damn! Couldn’t we feed people, or pay off debt, or create new jobs with this money? Seems like better solution than bailing out the people who caused this mess in the first place.


On the poetry front:

In October, I’m participating in The Boston 30/30 All Star Poetry Event! Me and 39 other poets are writing a poem a day for each day in October. I’ll post first drafts starting Wednesday.

A group of us from my writers group are participating in the Mass Poetry Festival. The Salem contingent will have an open mic space sponsored by the organizers. I’m looking forward to participating with my friends in a new space. More info to come.

And my publisher is hosting a shindig this weekend! Looking forward to meeting the folks working on my book, and the other writers who are also with CKP. Very cool.

Alex turns 5 on Saturday. Time to plan a party!


chicklegirl said…
Dodge looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing the highlights. My confessions are up.
Catherine said…
Just think what that money could have done to house the people, who instead took out dodgy loans, which they couldn't pay, and lost everything. I read somewhere that the amount is equivalent to $500,000 for every family who lost everything because they defaulted on their overinflated subprime mortgage. I agree, the prospect of the system collapsing is really too huge to contemplate, but the system is fundamentally flawed in the first place.
January said…
I just hope our lawmakers can come to an agreement soon. It's all a little too much to take. We're frazzled with all of this indecision, and our leaders unable to lead. Ugh.
January said…
Chicklegirl, I'll be right over to read your confessions.

Hope all is well with you.
susan said…
Thanks for keeping CT going. Always enjoy your posts. Hope to pick up a few collections by the poets you've shared about.
Catherine said…
I have a confession, of sorts, and a poetry post built on it

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