New Poem

(I'm posting this quickly as I am headed out of town for a few days! Enjoy the weekend.)


What someone throws away
you will save, and not question
what failure or flaw brought
this treasure to the side
of the road or you to it.
You do not see abandonment
or the weakness of time.
You see grain, texture,
its handsome nicks and dings
in the raw morning light.
You see a project,
a rescue mission, the one thing that
will bring it all together
if you can just fit that heavy thing
into your trunk before anyone sees you
doubting your life.
You get it home,
buff it down,
shine it up,
the echo of another life
placed in the corner of yours,
waiting for your dearest friend
to marvel at its presence,
admire its “great bones”
under fresh coats of lacquer.
You wait for her to say,
I, too, have been searching for this.
Where did you get it?


odessa said…
if you can just fit that heavy thing
into your trunk before anyone sees you
doubting your life. --- i really like this, its a metaphor for so many things.

i also shared my own poem-draft, as i can't seem to finish any of my poems these days.

have a wonderful trip! :)
Rethabile said…
Wonderful read. Enjoy your weekend.
Kay said…
I liked where this poem took me with its sturdy lines. Where did you get it? :)
m0nkeyboy said…
This makes me want to spend the weekend revamping furniture. XD Nice.
polkadotwitch said…
thanks for sharing this ... it's great. as i read it, i feel that the poem itself turns around and around showing us all its angles, like it might if it were an object (like the one in the piece) we were examining and admiring. another keeper!!!
christine said…
I found this treasure on Black-Eyed Susan's. Wonderful poem! My thoughts echo odessa's. I especially like the line about the 'fine bones' of the treasure.
fourwindshaiga said…
What a neat poem. Reminded me of people I know, and things I want to do.
January said…
Thanks for the kind words.

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