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This week's confession is all about Alex's first day of preschool. (Pictures at the end of the post.)

Poetry has been on the back burner in anticipation of this day. Alex, also known as "The Bug," has been downright giddy with the approach of school. He was so excited that he wanted to pack his lunch on Saturday for his big day. It was all I could do to stop him from sleeping with his backpack!

So the last few days have been about getting The Bug new sneakers and buying a lunch bag--the little things that make the big day seem like a reality. And he was so ready for it. We held Alex back a year because he seemed a little too sensitive. Though he might benefit from being one of the older kids in the class. And I think that was the right move because he is more than ready for this day.

I have been most concerned for Ella, his younger sister. As someone who grew up without siblings, I have a new understanding of this dynamic because I have the privilege of watching these two fight, argue, snatch toys out of each other's hands, say "I'm sorry," share, hug, laugh--daily! What was she going to do now without her partner in crime?

Yesterday, I was up at 5:30 a.m. (Ella was up at 5 a.m., of course!) Even with this much lead time, it was still chaotic. We had Alex's favorite breakfast: pancakes, bacon, and strawberries. Admittedly, I burned the first batch of bacon so now our house smells like burnt bacon. Tim's brother, Dennis, came to witness the madness. It's a miracle we we able to get the kids a quarter of a mile down the street to school with five minutes to spare.

And then he crossed the entrance and that was it. Tim, Ella, and I watched the other kids line up, some missing their parents more than others. The Bug was reserved. He tends to be quiet in new situations, getting a feel for the scene. But once he gets his bearings he's a live wire! I imagined his day as one of meeting his classmates and teachers, and learning the new routine.

As Alex left and we walked back home, Ella cried--and she did enough for all of us. But soon after Tim took Ella to her first Teeny Tiny Tumblers class at our local YMCA and all was right with the world.

When we picked his up, Alex had a huge smile on his face. Ella was the first to give him a hug, and then he gave me a hug--not the obligatory hug but a real "I missed you" hug. On the walk home, The Bug turned to me, with his big "love crumb" eyes and said, "I'm a student now!"

And so it begins ...


I teach. I witness such scenes every year. Yet I can feel the joy and sadness of a child on her first day in school.

I liked reading this. Hope Alex enjoys school in the years to come. I wish him well.

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susan said…
I always resented being an older student (my birthday is February. I wasn't held back but was almost 6 starting kindergarten). As an adult, I better understand parents opting to hold their kids' back. I respect and a little envy I guess of those who are so aware of their children's unique needs and dispositions.

Glad to hear the first day ended well and way cool your kids are so close. My sister and I were like twins. I can relate.
Anonymous said…
So sweet!! I am thrilled for him--and for you--as he embarks on this new adventure. And you know what? It'll be great for Ella. She'll start looking forward to her her first day now!
Writer Bug said…
So unbelievably cute!!
Goodnight, Mom said…
OMG, that pic of Ella hugging Alex is so gorgeous.

I love your babies! Big Bug!!
chicklegirl said…
Beautiful children. You can see the light in their eyes, and the love between you and them.

My mind has been on my kids this week, too.
January said…
Thanks for the kind words! Can't wait to read your confessions.
Anonymous said…
Shy and senstive was I, at school and in the 'outside' world. So much through all of school that I pushed myself to socialize like others~ my twin sister was all the socialization and world I ever seemed to need (nevermind want too). Today, people who do not know me tell me I'm one of the most open and most genuinely friendly people they know. Alex will fly above the clouds making friends and learning about the outside even more from other kids his age. Ellen is 'woman' enough to learn these things too from her brother even in his absence she will learn. I have all the confidence in this precious girl- so much like her mom (and dad) eager with wonder and understanding. Hooray for Alex's first step to his experience as a student. He'll blossom in the time he needs. Late bloomers (such as myself) may take a while, but in the process we cherish the journey everlong. (~hg)
Way to go, Alex! Also, nice Ella has a class to go to! Simon's birthday falls so that he is among the older kids in his class, and I think he'll be better off for it.
odessa said…
what a precious gift you can give to alex and ella! i'm sure they will thank you one day for capturing this important moment in their lives.

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