Confession Tuesday

You’ve got something to say. Something that’s been building inside of you all week. Well, it’s time to unburden yourself. Tell me everything—leave nothing out! And check out your fellow confessors in the Confessional.

Today, Tim and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on Monday! Woo hoo! The weekend was about recognizing this important day, so yesterday was been decidedly low key. But I will say that Tim is terrific husband and father, and my life as a wife, mom, and poet would not be possible without his love and support. (Love you, SB!)


Monday morning, I woke up thinking that Dodge Poetry Festival this weekend. I mean, I woke up giddy thinking that I had a mere four days of work before escaping to the middle of NJ for a weekend full of poetry. In my head, I was planning blog posts and queries to other writers about who was attending this year. Of course, I also look forward to shedding all of my labels and just being a poet for a weekend.

And then I realized that the festival is next weekend. Drat!

This week, besides dreaming of Dodge, I need to start sending out again to publications and looking for grants. I wanted to do it last week but that didn’t happen. Also, I’m back to writing a poem a week for the month of September.

In October, I’ve committed to write a poem a day for a project/event called The Boston 30/30 All Star Poetry Event. And in November, this group of 39 poets will read their poetry in two Boston venues: The Cantab Lounge and the Lizard Lounge. Very cool.


I have been working on a 9/11 poem, but like most 9/11 poems it’s difficult to craft. But I hope to post a draft by Thursday.


Lastly, like most everyone else in North America, I have been LMAO a this SNL clip from the Saturday night’s season opener. Tina Fey is spot on with her Sarah Palin impersonation. Enjoy!


Belated Happy Anniversay! I am glad for you...

My post for today is not exactly a confession. But it kind of describes my state of mind.

Recipe for blissful living
susan said…
I did see this clip and the more I read about Palin, the more scared I feel. Have you read about rape victims paying for medical exams in Wasilla or that she quoted an avowed racist in her acceptance speech? Even David Brooks says this candidate is not qualified.
January said…
I'm with you, Susan. Palin scares me. I *think* the truth will come out about her. Didn't know about the quote--I'll check it out.

With all that's coming out about her, I'm not sure why people trust her to be second in command. I mean I just don't get it.
January said…
Thanks Guatami. Looking forward to reading your blog later tonight.
susan said…
Hey January,
Confession is up. Please come by.

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