Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Time to confess. Break those metal chains and tell us a little somethin' somethin'! Don't forget to check out the sinners doing time in The Confessional.

Finally, a picture with me in it! From our Mothers Day trip to Norfolk, VA. And there's my mom--isn't she lovely?


I'm typing this wearing a facial mask. Sorry, no pictures.


While at a park with Alex and Ella, I heard a woman call to her kids, a boy and a girl, "C'mon, Chicago. C'mon Chardonnay, time to go!" That tickled me.


Also received my first mosquito bite of 2009--woo hoo! Spring is here!


Boneheaded move of the month:
Monday morning, when we dropped off our car at the airport rental car drop-off, I forgot to drop off the rental car keys. Doh! The rental car drop-off is self-serve. I was supposed to leave the car and take the keys to a drop box but forgot that part of it. Hey, you try flying with two little ones. I'm lucky they made it on the flight!


I'm trying to build in more spontaneity and fun into my routine. Not just for the kids, but for yours truly.

It's all part of my plan to be more present in the moment, which I don't think I did much of throughout the winter. But spring and summer are my favorite times of year, and I don't want to waste any of it. Besides, there's so much that we can do without spending a ton of money. And selfishly, I want new experiences to infuse into my poetry.


Speaking of poetry, I haven't done a thing this past week on my to-do list. But I'm ready to cross a few things off the list. Maybe even add some new challenges.


Life is just too damn short to worry about the things you can't control.


Lastly, I had the chance to watch Seal on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

After, I downloaded his latest album , Soul, from iTunes. It's an amazing collection of 60s standards including, "A Change Is Gonna Come," "I Can't Stand the Rain, and "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." It's become my new soundtrack.


susan said…
Love Seal's voice and the man is charismatic. Whew!

No surprise that his wife is very happy about baby #4.
...deb said…
Nice week, beautiful photo!

I think a lot of folks are ready for a change, new experiences. Something is in the air besides those mosquitoes (which I don't have yet, but did get bug spray--they love me way too much.)

Mine's up. Or will be in a jiffy. Just a few quick thoughts, not as revelatory as I had intended to be. Ah, well.
Catherine said…
I never thought of being happy about mosquitoes!
January said…
I know. Normally the mention of mosquitoes brings out bug spray, but I'm happy that spring has finally hit the northeastern part of the United States!
January said…
Thanks for your comments about the photos, Deb! Will check out your confessions today.

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