Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, it's time for your confessions! C'mon, share a little about yourself and we promise to do the same. If you're confessing on your blog, let me know so I can stop in and say hello.

I confess I’m sad that August is almost here! Even though I have lots of travel planned, and my daughter’s birthday is next week, it feels as if the end is near. A girl can get used to life without snow and winter coats. Of course, I probably should move out of New England for that.


After returning from vacation, my natural urge to pull back and take stock is kicking into high gear. I feel the urge to save time, spend less, trim down, and throw out!

I’m feeling the need to savor the warm days and enjoy the cool nights. Time to invite people over to the house for play dates, potlucks, and drinkypoos.

With my travel and back to school shopping just around the corner, I need to keep my spending in check. Time to start saving for something else worth my time.

September may be a good month for a purge.

Time for a "life cleanse." More on that later.


Also, it's time for me to get moving. Haven't worked out at all this past month. I've spent much of my free time working on the manuscript instead of getting to the gym. I can feel (and see) the difference.

Last night was the first time all summer that I've taken the kids for a walk. They've had an active summer at day care because they've gone swimming nearly every day. Me? I spend my days riding a desk. Time to trade in the desk for a bike.


North American Review has a review of Underlife and a new poem of mine in the Winter 2010 issue (yikes … winter!) Thanks to Vince Gotera and NAR for the kind words! It really is a nice publication, one I will subscribe to in the near future.


And with every acceptance comes a rejection, from The New Yorker. HA! What can I say? I was feeling supremely optimistic when I sent in my poems. I believe in aiming high. Besides, shouldn’t every writer have one rejection notice from The New Yorker? I’ll wear it like a badge of honor. Once rejection certainly won’t stop me from trying again in a few months.


Anonymous said…
congratulations on your being published in the "review" and yeah, i can see why a a rejection letter from the "new yorker" would be appealing to have in your file..

i know what you mean about winter and the kids: aarghh...coats,hats, gloves, boots, just to get them out the door...then they lose the gloves, etc.

my confession: i got an e-mail yesterday asking me to enter again in a writing contest i won first place in last year - my first thought was: "what if i don't win this year, will i be hurt?" 2nd thought "who cares? i'll have fun w/it.
January said…
Thanks Marc.

It does seem weird since you won first place that they would ask you to enter again. I mean, it's always nice to be asked. Maybe they'll wave the fee (if there's a fee). Good luck and have fun with it
Kells said…

Congrats on NAR! They are one of my all-time favorite journals. I sometimes refer to them as "my sponsors" as they published me before anyone else.

Also, I can SO relate to your post!

RE: After returning from vacation, my natural urge to pull back and take stock is kicking into high gear. I feel the urge to save time, spend less, trim down, and throw out!

Yes! I have been feeling this too lately AND thinking about school shopping. This year my daughter's school starts BEFORE Labor day and I'm so annoyed, I feel as if they stole a week of summer vacation from us. Anyway, a little rant thrown in there with a "I hear you!" and can really relate to this post!

Happy summering!
Jessie Carty said…
So funny we were both posting, in part, about aiming high today for our poetry!

You've already had some great heights by being published by Cave Canem :)

One of the big ones for me may not seem big to other people because it is fairly new but Cave Wall puts out such amazing work that I just really want to be included and The Greensboro Review because that is where I did my undergrad work.

Congrats on the review!
January said…
Very cool, Jessie. I haven’t read Cave Wall so I'll check them out. So many places to choose from it's hard to keep them all straight.

Many more publishing outlets than 10 years ago.
January said…
Kelli, my kids start before Labor Day, too. It IS annoying. *sigh*

I may go on a "life cleanse" in a few weeks. I have to define it for myself, but I think it will be a pull-back of sorts. Just getting myself in check so I can focus on what matters most.

Glad you're enjoying the summer, too.

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