A Few Words on Wednesday

Last night’s writers workshop was a held on the second floor of a very old building with no air conditioning. It was a smaller group than usual, and I guess you could say I took the lead in leading the workshop. At the end of the evening I was all ready to share my "Misery Islands" poem but I pulled back. Just didn’t think it (or I) was ready. There are still some tweaks I’d like to make. Three of the eight sections of this poem could be tighter.

The hard part for me in working on "Misery" is putting aside the emotional parts and working in service of the poem. I’m getting there. More revisions to the poem today, then back to working on the larger manuscript.


For some reason, I planned four readings in eight days, two of which are in New York. Also in the mix is my daughter's 5th birthday. What was I thinking?


I’ve added some nifty sharing tools below. Feel free to spread the love.


My mini-list of things I’d like to do before summer ends:

  1. Go to a Red Sox game
  2. Eat lobster
  3. Go to lunch with an interesting person, someone new

What's left on your to-do list before summer ends?


Have you tried the new pretzel M&M’s? Delish!


twitches said…
I have to finish my essay for entrance to graduate school. I keep putting it off because such things always sound like complete BS, no matter how sincere they might be.
You have some busy times ahead! But go you, totally. Aggressive goals are the best kinds.

It was neat to hear about your writing group experience...I haven't had much luck with that, but the blogging world has been an excellent substitute.
January said…
I started connecting with people through the blog, but I always enjoy the one-on-one interaction from a workshop. The key is finding a group of people you feel comfortable with.

"Aggressive" is an understatement. :)
January said…
Good luck with the essay, Twitches! Whatever grad school you apply to will be lucky to have you.
Catherine said…
I have more of a to do list before summer starts, than before summer ends.
You can send summer my way when you're done with it, and I'll send it back to you around April or May :)
Dennis said…
Going to a Sox game is also on my list of things to do this summer. I would like to go next weekend when they get back from their road trip.

I have tried the Pretzel M&M's, and I agree: they are delicious. Although, I'm not sure they beat out the Peanut Butter M&M's. It's going to take a lot for me to give those up.

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