The Beautiful and Talented

The beautiful and talented Susan Rich has an interview with me up at her blog, The Alchemist's Kitchen. Go check it out! I'll be posting an interview with Susan very soon.

I have the good fortune of reading with her on Wednesday, November 17, at Porter Square Books in Cambridge. And it looks as if we'll be reading together on November 21 at the Miami International Book Fair. How cool is that?

Susan's poetry collection, The Alchemist's Kitchen, is a great read. Be sure to pick up a copy.


If you happen to be on Twitter this Sunday night (Oct. 24) at 9 p.m. eastern time, look for a poetry discussion between me, January O'Neil (@januaryoneil), and these beautiful and talented people: Collin Kelley(@collinkelley), Deborah Ager from 32 poems (@32poems), D.A. Powell (@powell_da), Susan Rich (@susanrichpoet), Kelli Russell Agodon (@kelliagodon), and Aimee Nezhukumatathil (@aimeenez). We'll be using the hashtag #poetparty so find us on Twitter and join in.


The beautiful and talented Steve Almond has an interview up at Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. That site is run by the beautiful and talented Doug Holder.


The Poetry Foundation has two very beautiful and talented poets as part of their Essential American Poets series: Sharon Olds and Billy Collins.



Collin Kelley said…
You are equally beautiful and talented. Looking forward to our Twitter Poet Party tonight. :)
Kristin said…
Do you know what time you'll be reading at the Miami Book Fair? Miami is just down the road from me, so I'm hoping to come--just one of many friendly faces in your audience!
January said…
Cool. I *think* I'll read Sunday, Nov 21 from 2-4:30 but I don't have the offical word yet. Would love to meet you, Kristin!
January said…
Collin, as always, so beautiful. So talented! Last night was a virtual blast. :)
Susan Rich said…
Now that we've partied together already, it will be easy to read together! Two talented and beautiful babes -- virtually anyway!

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