Confession Tuesday

It's the Tuesday after Dodge. I know you have lots to confess. Go ahead. Say something. What happens on the blog stays on the blog.

What do you think of my new digs? Be honest. I think the new design is more reflective of my personality. And, it's really BRIGHT! I have some tweaking to do but please let me know what you think, especially when it comes to readability.


I'm still high from the Dodge experience. I feel as if I've been steeped in poetry. If you've never been to the Dodge Poetry Festival, plan on attending in 2012. BFF Joseph Legaspi reminded me that we have been attending this festival since 1996--and we don't look a day older.

Many first-time attendees I met were pleasantly surprised by the throngs of thoughtful, engaged poetry lovers in Newark. Notice I said poetry lovers. I'm quite sure the poetry readers outnumbered the poets by more than half.

So the question for me is what to do with all of this good poetry energy, and how can I store it away until I really need it?


I'll post a Dodge wrap-up in a day or so.


My to-do list is full but manageable. I'm going to be saying no to a lot of things so I can focus on finishing my second manuscript, writing new poems, catching up on my reading, and spending time helping to plan next year's Mass Poetry Fest.


Current poetry reading list:

Bob Hicok, Words for Empty and Words for Full (A good read!)
D.A. Powell, Chronic
Tara Betts, Arc and Hue (re-read)
Susan Rich, The Alchemist's Kitchen
Kelli Russell Agodon, Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room
Jim Brock, Gods and Money

****Colleen, I did not have the pasta salad. It wasn't even on the menu. *sigh*


Catherine said…
It's bright, all right! I like it, but wonder if the background in the text part could be white i.e. opaque, with the background just showing to the right and left - I think it would be more readable that way.
January said…
Thanks Catherine. I'll play around with the background. Maybe I can find a template with an opaque sidebar.
Diane Lockward said…
Hi January--What a pleasure to meet you and Jennifer at Dodge!

Re your new design here--I think it's way too busy. I like the brightness, but it's hard to read as your post part has a design and it scrolls and it's transparent. I'm not crazy about the scrolling formats, but mostly I suggest getting your posting part simplified. But always a good read at your blog.

Looking forward to your spring reading in Paterson.
Jeannine said…
I had trouble reading this - maybe if you could make the background behind your blog text a more solid, contrasting color?
Thanks for the Dodge info. Sounds like so much fun.
January said…
Diane and Jeannine:

My mom is having trouble reading the type, so I will make changes later today. Thanks for the feedback!

Diane, so nice to finally meet you!
Kells said…
Hi Jan!

Thanks for all the photos from Dodge. I was living vicariously through you.

The blog colors are great! I agree with others, if you could just turn the part where the post is to a solid (not transparent) color (ya, probably white would be best), it would be perfect for me.

I love that you redesigned your blog though. It felt good when I redid mine. Of course, I had font size issues, when really I just needed to get new glasses. ;-)
Anonymous said…
it's my favorite color. and it looks like the background for posts is now opaque like the others suggested. i say it's got lots of energy. did i mention it's my favorite color? :)
Jim K. said…
Very nice with the
opaque white bkgnd! It was either that or
puff up the font.
drew said…
Great redesign!
Much easier to read and nicely lively.
January said…
Thanks Drew. Thanks everyone!

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