Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to confess whatever's on your mind. Unburden yourself. We promise to do the same.

I am the proud Poet Mom of a seven-year-old boy. Where has the time gone? Seven years. Alex is getting older while I am getting younger. Funny how that works.


This week is about trying to obtain equilibrium. I say "try" because I don't think it will ever happen with so many competing goals. Even when I pare down, it's only temporary. I'm doing too much and I recognize that. Crazed doesn't cover how hectic my life has been. It's causing a bit of stress. Good stress, but stress nonetheless.

What I have to do is remind myself that it will all get done, and not stay up late worrying about what's left to do. And, I haven't been writing lately. *sigh*

I recognize that these are good problems to have. I just wish I could do more of the good work I like to do.


Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge! Just 48 hours away. I was hoping to get a Dodge slot this year (HA!). Oh well. Maybe next time. Still, I'm psyched to be going, catching up with friends and seeing new ones. Will post more about Dodge tomorrow.


Have you ever run into someone whose life is so off track it makes you appreciate your own even more? I had that experience yesterday afternoon speaking with someone I used to know quite well. There's nothing I can do but hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


This past weekend, I managed to make it back to the gym after a few weeks off and a few added lbs. Again, when my life is out of whack the disruption ripples to other parts of my life. It felt good to get back into a fitness routine. Of course, Dodge is about indulging the mind, body, and spirit. Still, I'll get in a few workouts while I'm away.


Not making a to-do list because I'm headed to Dodge. I'm looking to replenish my poetry soul.


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