Touching a Starfish

Ella touching a starfish at the New England Aquarium. There's a poem here.


Hope you caught the Poet Party on Twitter Sunday night. It was a ton o' fun! [Read the transcript!] Poets D.A. Powell, Collin Kelley, Kelli Russell Agodon, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Susan Rich, and Oliver de la Paz dropped in for an hour to tweet about all things poetry. Deborah Ager from 32 Poems was our hostest with the mostest! If you missed it, search Twitter for the #poetparty hashtag.

And yet, I feel slightly hung over. Must have been the two virtual blueberry martinis.


Wrapping up second manuscript this week, finally. The biggest problem for me has been devoting time to thinking through the last few edits for the Misery Island long poem. But I need to move it this week, just so I can feel free to move onto other projects. A to-do list is in the works.


I'm freeing up time to begin Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge. Don't think I want to produce a chapbook, but you know how I like 30-day challenges. Will post my drafts online--the good, the bad, and the fugly.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting about the chapbook challenge. I've had a project in mind and this gives me the kick in the pants to get it underway. Good luck!
January said…
You, too! Good luck, Bernadette.

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