Dire Literary Series

(Jennifer Jean)

Last night I went to the Dire Literary Series, run by Tim Gager, to hear the open mic and the three features: Steve Luttrell, Judah Leblang, and Jennifer Jean. Fun reading on a rainy night, and always a pleasure hearing Jennifer read her poems.

(Tim Gager)

I believe Tim said this was the 116th Dire reading. So if you're looking for a place to read in the Boston/Cambridge area, Dire is one of the best known and longest-running series/open mics in the area.


Open mic or open mic: which is correct?


"Go into the jungle of my mind, god,
and send forth from a temple there
just like during a storm the force you'll find,
the dark sound of slaves in a hold where
a black, no-longer-dormant sea builds to a swirl,"

From "The Writer as a Man" by Rethabile Masilo.


On tap for this afternoon: manuscript revisions, a new poems, and shopping. Enjoy the day!


Rethabile said…
Thanks, J. Many times.
Collin Kelley said…
I always write it open mic, although some change it to open mike.

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